Very Interresting Links

°http://www.travelcar.com.au One of the Best Car Rental Companys, with Swiss-Owners.

°http://www.redback.net.au The best and most comfortably Shoes & Boots, made in AUSTRALIA

°http://www.jonboyproductions.com/australia.htm Nice Travelstory, with 360° Pictures

°http://www.aussiepubs.com.au Very importend Site, if You like to go out having a Drink or 2. ;o)

°http://www.walkabout.com.au/locations/QLDMcKinlay.shtml Australian Travel Guide (Very Good)

°http://www.williamcreekhotel.net.au The great William Creek Hotel

°http://www.theoutback.com.au/birdsville_hotel.htm The famous Birdsville Hotel

°http://www.pinkroadhouse.com.au The famous Pink Roadhouse at the Oodnadatta Track

°http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/quicklinks/northern_roads/northern.asp Roadconditions

°http://www.sahotels.com.au/marree/index.asp The Marree Hotel, at the Oodnadatta Track


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