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My XR´s

Here are my 3 XR 600. 92, 93 and with the Alutank a 97 Model.

I was from february 1997-April 1998 with a Special XR with Alutanks fitted on traveling. About 10 Months in Australia & 4 Months in New Zealand.

With the 92 Model XR, I was traveling for about 6 Months from Baja California up to Alaska & then across whole Canada till Montreal.

I´ve got to say: „I´ve never ever had any problems!:-)

Cape York (Farnorth-Queensland AUSTRALIA) Travelogue in Words & Pics

AUSTRALIA (Travelogue mainly with pics)

New Zealand ° (Aroundtrip North- & Southisland) I´m working on it!


Me with my Travelbike, above Opfertshofen.


My 1. XR a 92-Model. Only the Fueltank and the Sidecovers are from the 97-Model.

My 2. XR a 97-Model. With Alutanks mounted on and changed in to a Traveldevice.

My 3. XR a 93-Model. It´s a Modified 628 Big Bore Bike.

Me at Home afther my 2 Years Trip.

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